Saturday, May 24

Good Things

Random bits from my Saturday ~

Discovered the first snap pea in my garden! Isn't it a beauty?

My 4 year old said she wanted lollipops for lunch so I came up with this ~ grilled cheese sandwiches on a stick. Super easy- grilled the sandwich, cut the circle with a cocktail shaker, inserted a craft stick while the cheese was still hot and gooey. Everything tastes better on a stick.

I made this onesie for my cousin - thought it turned out pretty cute. Although sometimes when I look at it I see a chili pepper instead of a strawberry.

Best part of Saturday - MY SISTER IS HERE!!!



Lisa said...

You are amazing. The onsie is ADORABLE, the lollipops are GENIUS and the pea looks yummy. I can't believe you are all ready getting produce with the mild and wet spring we have had! Have a great visit with your sister.

Elise said...

I have come across your blog via the Crafty Crow and I am so glad that I did. I have enjoyed looking through your blog.

The lollipop sandwiches are brilliant, something any little one would love to eat. The strawberry onesie is adorable.

Hope you and your sister have a wonderful catch-up.

I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Warmest wishes

Panjo Kids said...

LOVE the lollipop sammies.Cutting with a coctail shaker? You're a regular SouleMama... only not. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the cleverness of the lollipop lunch...
what a fun idea. I also love the photo of my
two babies in their matching overalls...sigh,,,
what huggables. mom

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