Tuesday, June 17

Indeterminate Garden News

The rain has ceased and the sun's come out here in the Pacific NW. We're hoping summer is really here. My garden has taken off, especially the potatoes - at least the part of the potatoes I can see. I have more salad greens than we can eat and I'm enjoying a snap pea or two a day. I'm already starting to think about my garden for next year.

A friend recently shared a useful bit of information about tomato plants. Some online research filled out her information. Here's the scoop - Tomato plants can either be of the indeterminate variety or the determinate variety.

Indeterminate tomatoes are also called vining tomatoes. Vines continue to grow and lengthen throughout the growing season. Because of this they produce tomatoes throughout the growing season. They require heavy staking or caging as they can become very large, heavy plants. Most tomato plants are of this variety. More information here.

Determinate Tomatoes are also called bush tomatoes. They do NOT continue growing throughout the growing season. After the plant has reached maturity, the fruit is quickly ripened and then the plant begins to diminish. This variety tends to be smaller and more compact than indeterminate tomatoes. More information here.

This information is particularly useful if you only have a small space to plant your tomato. It is also useful if you want to have the majority of your tomatoes ripe at the same time (for making tomato sauce.) Most heirloom and cherry tomatoes are of the indeterminate variety. Roma tomatoes are usually determinate plants.

**When you're at the nursery, check out the plastic stake in the tomato plant, the variety should be printed there.** Hope this helps in your garden planning (for next year.)

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Carrie said...

Those peas look amazing and terribly yummy!

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