Monday, June 23

Muffin Tin Monday

It's that day again! Time for another round of Muffin Tin Monday. Here we go ~

Contents: Tooth picks, Laughing Cow cheese, wheat thins, grapes, cup for cherry pits, carrot sticks, blueberries, left-over Arthur Mac-n-Cheese, cherries, banana bread cubes, vanilla cookies, veggie booty

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Send me a link to your post or photo and I'll add you to the list of Muffin Tin Mamas. Yippee!

You can find me here today! Thanks to the chocolate peanut butter gallery for posting my Peanut Butter Monkey. This site is dangerously delicious. Click if you dare . . .


-Tee- said...

Hi - I LOVE this idea and ended up doing it yesterday instead instead, but the kids loved it too!!

Thanks for the ideas!

* elizabeth * said...

I actually found this through Tee. great idea! Here's my guy's lunch:

Mama Said said...

I'm in again on this! Still lovin' it! I did a breakfast theme this time. Your muffin tin is so beautiful! What is it about other people's food that it always looks more appetizing?
(Aaagh! I don't know how to make a link work in comments!)

katy said...

i don't know how to leave a link either . . .anyone?

Lisa said...

I got mine posted!!!! The girls loved it!

Carrie said...

YAY! I just got to posting mine for the week. This is getting fun!

' said...

Here's ours!

Thanks for this wonderful idea! We are having lots of fun!

amy said...

I finally got my muffin tin posted!

Finding Normal said...

Second week in a fun!

The McAuleys said...

Ours is up!
Crostini toasts, tiny fresh mozzerella balls, tomato/basil salsa, strawberries, wheatberry salad with cabbage, pineapple, peas from the garden, cashew pieces, cantaloupe, alphabet pasta, banana chips, garbanzo beans with lemon-tahini sauce. Photo at
Still loving the idea!

Ashley said...

This was so fun!!!
See our post here..

Melissa said...

We're joining in on the fun! Thanks for a great idea!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! The squash is yellow crook neck squash from my garden. We usually steam it or cook it in a little water with butter. Its also good sauteed with vidalia onions in olive oil and with a little garlic.

Mandi @ Life Your Way said...

Couldn't pull off Muffin Tin Monday, so we had Muffin Tin Tuesday:

Such a fun idea!

Unknown said...

I love this idea -- and it proved to be a winner with my three-year-old.

Bonita said...

I don't know why I find these muffin tins so fascinating, but I just love looking at them. I haven't tried the idea yet with my teenagers, but I need to get with the program.

MerrandaVK said...

I tried this with my 2 kids, 4 & 3, THEY LOVED IT!!! Thanks for a great idea - your blog rocks! I am going to try your pancake cups tomorrow too :)

Unknown said...

Hi Katy,
I'm featuring this idea in my parenting column and linking you for proper credit:
Great blog!

Priscila said...

Thank you for this great idea! My boys LOVED it! And it will be a weekly routine at our house :)

Here's our pics.


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