Thursday, July 31


I got stung by a bee. Right under my chin. Even more disturbing than the sting, though was knowing the bee was still on me and not being able to find it. I felt like an addict, sure there were bees all over my body. I shook out my hair, flapped my clothing, shook my hair out some more. Just couldn't find it. Then I was still and I heard it. A clicking sound. So I dashed upstairs, ripped on my clothes and there it was. Tucked inside the shoulder of my shirt.

The reason I got stung was due to the underground nest of bees in our back yard. Found on Monday.

According to the info on line ground bees are hard to get rid of - naturally. This site offered a long list of possible solutions. We decided against using an enormous torch (like the kind in the movies), pouring gasoline down the hole and smoking them out. Instead tried to cover the hole with a tarp and suffocate them. Just went out to check and discovered an additional hole that they've been flying in and out of . . . smart ass bees. Calling an exterminator in the morning.

Snagged this cool book from my mom. Copyright 1952.


Anonymous said...

Ouch is right! Wish I had some advice. We always did the gasoline thing. I think my husband did a pot of boiling water once too. Our first year in the country I was stung 14 times. Bleh!

Hope your chin feels better soon.

Shannon said...

We are having the same problem only our "bees" are giant black hummingbird sized wasp things that burrow in the ground. We did not want to do the fire thing either and ended up just spraying a bee spray in/on the sand they dug up and it seems to have worked.

Hope you find a solution that works for you!

Anonymous said...

Bee stings hurt a surprising amount, don't they? Sorry to hear about yours.

Christie said... im all itchy.. I got stung by a jelly fish a few weeks ago. Wow..that is painful too.

Road Trippers said...

ooh, that happened to me under my arm once, picking weeds. Feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

That is just horrible. I've been terribly afraid of bees ever since I was two and tried to pet one of the fuzzy cute ones. I was so mad it "bit" me.

Dayna said...

sorry about the sting. I have a friend who is a bee keeper. Depending on the type of bee you may be able to find a local bee keeper who would come take them away with delight.

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