Tuesday, July 8

So Long Strawberry Dreams

I've been putting off this post long enough. I envisioned posting about my jars and jars of homemade strawberry jam - strawberry lime jam to be exact. My post would include beautiful color pictures of the girls and I picking strawberries, preparing the jam and eating it. But, it's just not gonna happen this year. The closest I could come was to buy these two pints of local berries at the grocery store. Sigh. Such is life. I've certainly enjoyed living vicariously through your strawberry adventures, though. Thanks so much for the visual treat!

Here is my farewell to summer strawberries ~

Local Love

Vintage Jam Jar (thanks Emily)

More onesies. These were commissioned by my Aunt as a gift for some newborn twins. These turned out better than my first attempt, don't you think?

Fabric I'm oogling at Superbuzzy

Dress I bought for my niece.

Just had to show off Mama Said's brilliant Muffin Tin. She did a Build-a-Bear theme. So flippin' clever, right?

Send me those Muffin Tin Posts . . .


Carrie said...

are you kidding? I just figured out what to put IN the muffin tins... now I have to think of more fun stuff? This fun parent thing never ends does it?!? LOL!

Emily & Jeff said...

So funny! This is what I've been eyeing for my birthday!


If that one doesn't work:


Dayna said...

I didn't get to go strawberry picking this summer, either. Unless you count the 8 or so strawberries that came out of the garden!

Love those onesies. So sweet.

Mama Said said...

Thank you, Katy!

BTW, I LOVE the strawberry onesies! I just can't get over how cute they are!

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