Thursday, July 24

Virtual Birthday

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today is my sister's birthday! Emily, if you were in Seattle, here is how we would celebrate your special day.

Our day would start with generous piece of my famous coffee cake and a walk up here for our favorite morning libations. After being properly caffeinated, we'd head down the hill to walk your favorite lake in Seattle. After a bit of exercise, we'd pamper ourselves and our tootsies in preparation for our afternoon shopping marathon. Before the shopping marathon, we'd have a lunch bite here, definitely ordering the fresh rolls. Refueled and with our feet properly rested, we'd head out to your favorite shopping destination. There you would spend as long as you liked, looking through every department, every clearance rack and trying on a whole cart of clothes. While there I would not sigh, roll my eyes or sit on the bench near the dressing rooms with my arms folded. I would be a pleasant shopping companion, encouraging you to go for the black peep toe heels that would be perfect for work. Wearily we'd make our way home, order a large AGOG and watch your favorite movie, and once again, there'd be no eye rolling, sighing, etc. The End.

Oh, your gifts. This one is from your oldest niece. This one from all of us. And this one from me.


Me & Emily (jumpsuits by mom) 1977


Carrie said...

This has got to be the most adorable post ever! It must be amazing to have your sister be such a wonderful friend.

Emily & Jeff said...

Dutchy! You've outdone yourself!! This is the best blog entry ever!! And was so much fun! Of course it made me miss being with you so much, but also I felt close. I bet that IS what we'd do for my bday!!I am so craving your coffee cake. Guess I'll go to Starbies today solo but will be thinking of you...I love the jammies and can't wait for the other treats! Love you!!!! Your lil' sis

Anonymous said...

Darling post---sounds like the perfect day! Happy birthday, Emily!
It's Peter's 40th birthday today!
Happy day Leos!

Kellie H said...

Such fun...I loved that =) What a birthday celebration that would be!
I also loved the links... I so want one of the Stay Calm & Carry on in a pink tee! Where did you find that?

Emily & Jeff said...

Did I mention, BTW, I really do love those peep toe heels, and they really would be great for work.
I Heart Target.

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