Wednesday, July 23

Tomato Jungle and Other Garden News

It's a jungle out there. Technically, it's a tomato, potato and nasturtium jungle. See for yourself.

Can you find the tomato plant? Look for the silver tomato cage. Got it? Okay, now look at all the tomato branches reaching to either end of the bed. Sheesh! I relish reminding these plants that I knew them when they were just babies.

May Babies

If you were confused by the difference between a determinate and an indeterminate tomato plant, look no further. My tomato plant is living out it's destiny as an indeterminate variety - huge and unruly. Got to figure out some sort of staking system. I'm thinking of a stake with a V on top so I can just plop a branch in the V. Does this exist?

First 2 ripe tomatoes. Yum and yum. Sun gold variety.

Plant is LOADed with green tomatoes. It will be raining tomatoes here very soon. Beware, tomatoes may become my new strawberry.

Ghost pumpkin vine. What a beautiful pattern it's making.

Ghost pumpkin blossom.

Nasturtium. These beauties are taking over too. Lucky they can get by on their good looks.

This sweet bouquet was made by my 4 year old. Darling, right? She insisted it was put on her bedside table.

How does your garden grow? Send links!


Lisa said...

The girls are not so patiently waiting for our tomatoes and blueberries to ripen, but I think it will be at least a week or two. They just don't get enough sun to ripen as quickly as they should.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I am so jealous. We just got rid of our tomato plants, they were so sick of the hot hot summers mixed with the monsoon down pours, they died.

Our growing season starts in September when things cool down a bit. Everyone is like "strawberry jam" and I'm looking out at our poor fainted strawberry plants with looooonging!

Monkey's Mama said...

I am so jealous! We have a ghost pumpkin too but it doesn't have any blossoms yet :( We have some teeny green tomatoes and I can't wait. The beans are still climbing.

Unknown said...

Wow, awesome garden!

I tagged you with a meme on my blog :)

Monkey's Mama said...

My veggies have finally taken off. I think it was your post that inspired them :)

koala brains said...

I'm jealous. I'm good at a lot of things but gardening I am not. I managed to kill herbs and I read those are easy and require minimal maintenance. My tomato in a container just grew tall and stayed skinny. So sad.

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