Wednesday, August 6

Drum Roll Please!

Who knew a give-away could be so much fun? I really got into this. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Julie K. in Taiwan & Mama Said There Would be Days Like This!!!
I just tagged them with some blog bling a few days ago. Coincidence? Yes. Weird? Absolutely.

**Please email me with your mailing addresses. Pinks or greens?**

I am LOVING these party tins. You all are so creative. Anybody out there have a new theme idea? Please share!

Just a reminder that MTM will be hosted by Lisa next week (Monday, August 11th.) Please leave her a comment when your post is up.

p.s. Thanks Bryce for drawing the 2 lucky numbers.


Katie said...

congratulations girls!!! You lucky lucky things!

Jessica said...

Give-aways are blasts-aren't they? I am also really enjoying the muffin tin mondays. Although I didn't post it, some of the cookies we made on monday were baked in little heart muffin tins. We didn't really eat anything else out of muffin tins, but then again we had icecream sandwiches for lunch! I don't have the Martha Cookies book yet- It is on my Birthday/Christmas wish list (which I already had to write----yikes!) I am really looking forward to receiving it, though!

GeonHui's Bakery said...

I love those headbands!

You've been tagged! You can find details on my blog.

Anonymous said...

my girls are so enjoying this muffin tin monday thing that we have had not only muffin tin tuesday too but also wednesday and not just lunch, but also dinner! photos on my blog if you are interested! they are eating so healthy too! thanks for the awesome idea!

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