Monday, August 4

Party Time Tin!

A party on a Monday? Only if it involves a muffin tin. Ha! Honestly, I used the Party Time theme as an excuse to make those delicious soft pretzels again. Our tin contained some yummy dips that go oh so well with soft pretzels. I shaped them into pretzel sticks this time. My girls were very excited about this. Wait, let me clarify. My oldest was excited about the frosting. It was all about the frosting. With sprinkles. See if you can find her in the picture. Can you tell she's excited? There are more pictures from our party posted on the flickr group.
Contents: Marinara sauce, mustard, coarse salt, cinnamon sugar, FROSTING with sprinkles, and cheese sauce.

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I'll be at the ocean next Monday so LISA from FRANNY KATE'S CREATIVE STATE will be hosting Muffin Tin Monday. Leave Lisa a comment on Monday, August 11th (or sometime around then) when your post is up. She'll add you to her list of Muffin Tin Mamas. Take a minute to look through Lisa's blog. She comes up with the most WONDERFUL activities to do with her daughters.


Don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win 2 headbands. I'll close the comments on Tuesday night. The headbands are adult size - they are for you! This is a thank you for you. In response to a few comments - I used to sell onesies, shirts and headbands on etsy. I closed my shop a few months ago to take a breather. Still not sure if I'll open it up again. As for the headband pattern, I figured it out myself after looking at a similar one a friend had. This style of headband is all over. I certainly didn't invent it. I have seen a pattern for (nearly) this exact headband on a blog. Naturally, I don't remember which one.


We unearthed our yellow jacket nest on Sunday. See pictures of it here and here. Yuck, larva!


Katie said...

I wasn't sure where to give you this but here it is anyway. The kids and I loved it!

Carrie said...

How FUN!!!!!!! It's raining here. I think today would be the perfect day to make a Party Time Tin!


Becky said...

My monkeys had a great time making their muffin tin sundaes. Great way to mix things up!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, dips for pretzels, how delicious! Enjoy your time at the ocean.

onemotherslove said...

Mine's up!

Are you going to share the recipe for pretzel sticks??? They look so yummy!!!

Lisa said...

Mine's up too!!! Thanks for letting me host next week!

Mrs. McDaniel's Class said...

We had our first muffin tin Monday. It was great fun. At first my kids looked at me a little strange, but they thought it was fun. We will make this a Monday night tradition because school starts Friday and I will be back to teaching.

Annie Scarlett said...

Our party tins are up.

Annie said...

This was fun! We had a little beach party today. :)

Those pretzels look yummy!

mylittlegems said...

OK I did Party Time Tin today- it was so fun and easy! I am definitely going to try your pretzels-that looked delish! Here is the link to add me for today. Thanks-sharla

Ellie said...

I did it! I went with more of the "Build-a-..." theme. Build a car! I won't get to see the finished product because I have to go to work. :-( But I'm sure he'll love it!

Next week we are hosting a play group. I'm already brainstorming muffin tin ideas for the group! Maybe we'll make pretzels and go with dips...

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I used the narrow band tutorial from here to make headbands

and I love these ribbon ones

Bobbi & Noe said...

Our Princess Party Tin is up everyone. Fun theme!

Kate said...

I didn't get the memo about Party Time Tins so we just had plain old Muffin Tin Monday at our house. Once again, Haven loved it!

Monkey's Mama said...

The party tins are so much fun! I just did boring old normal lunch this time. I'm so excited the headbands are adult-sized (even if I don't win, I'm excited for whomever does) ha! Have fun on vaca!

Coach Paulette said...

This is my first time to participate - the girls had a wonderful time creating their lunch!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We didn't quite get our act together yesterday (we'll have a muffin tin later in the week) but these are oh, so super cool!

' said...

Laura at LAS Designs participated too...

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