Thursday, August 21

Upcycled Art Organizer

Since I've been addicted to this pop I've had many plastic 6-pack holders around the house. While I was cutting one to bits (ya know, so it wouldn't get caught around some poor bird's beak in a land fill - ah, garbage guilt) before throwing it into the trash, I suddenly remembered this cool way to use these plastic 6-pack thingies. I think I saw it in a Kindergarten classroom when I was teaching. What you do is put the 6-pack holders together to make a "rack" to dry art work or to display it. This is how I constructed mine:

Scotch Tape
MANY plastic 6-pack holders ( I used 18)
Clothes pins or paper clips

How To:
Place 2 6-pack holders next to each other. Place a small piece of tape in 2 places (top and bottom) to hold the plastic together. Staple through the tape*. Keep repeating until you have reached your desired size.

Hang artwork to dry or to display with clothes pins or paper clips.

*There are other ways to conjoin the 6-pack holders. You could use twist ties, string or yarn. I attempted to use twist ties, but found that the plastic was sooo slippery I couldn't hold it together and get the twist tie secure. The tape first solved the slippery problem. I swear the one I saw was tied with yarn . . . so it must be possible.

Close-up of staple intersection

Look, it folds up so neatly. Just stick it in a drawer when it's not in use.

My WIP blocks from a class I took.

On a sorta related note - I got this book from the library and am having such a fun time looking through it. Each page contains a different item that was created using leftovers, trash, or other salvaged materials. All items have the artist's website on the page too. I love the idea of making something out of something else. Sooooo flippin' clever these people are!

My favorite? J-card luggage tags. Yep, luggage tags made from the j-cards of old cassette tapes.


Casey said...

that's a really good idea! I don't buy pop like that though, actually I haven't seen it in stores like that for awhile. I had once found a cat caught in one, he'd been caught in it too long to actually help him though since he had gangrene from it. it was sad, so now I cut anything that an animal could get caught in

* elizabeth * said...

Great Idea!

Kristin said...

Nice ideas, I'm going to have to go hunt for my cassettes!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool idea!
Love it when you can recycle something like this.

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