Tuesday, September 2

Luxembourg City

Ah, where to start? So much information, my head is still buzzing. Think I'll start where we started - in Luxembourg City.

Our visit started like most visits Bryce and I have to new cities. With him trying to get "the lay of the land" and me trying to regain homeostasis from all the over stimulation a new environment brings. And as we usually do, we walked and walked and walked and saw the city mostly on foot. I love that. Bryce charging on, muttering things like, this is the street we drove in on from the airport, it also goes to the park. So, the city center must be over there. Me, lallygagging behind like a 2 year old looking at all the pretties.
Our week was extremely busy. We *DID* find a house. And we *DID* find a school for our oldest. Good thing too because in Luxembourg, by law, all 4 year old's must be in school. We also had dinner with 2 of Bryce's colleagues who have been in Luxembourg for 2+ years. Their insight was invaluable as was their patience in answering our thousands of questions. Both couples love living in Luxembourg and want to extend their contracts there. They said over and over again what a great city it is for raising kids.

Our relocation assistant was amazing. A move of this magnitude would be incredibly difficult without the aid of a relocation service. She drove us around to view apartments and houses. Set up school appointments and drove us to them. Took me to a shopping mall and grocery store. Helped us start a bank account. Amazing. I'm so very very thankful.

In between all of our appointments we took a day to go sightseeing, driving all around the country. Sounds crazy, but remember Luxembourg is a tiny country. Only 51 miles (82 kilometers) from north to south and 35 miles (57 kilometers) east to west - smaller than Rhode Island. We also saw a movie, Batman Returns. And yes, we found My Little Ponies in Luxembourg. They are much cuter in French - Mon Petit Poney.

More tomorrow . . . and the next day

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Ellie said...

I can't wait to hear more. What is the school like? What is the house like? When do you go for good? Nosey, I know. But I can live vicariously through you... right?

amy said...

So exciting! Luxembourg looks like a beautiful place to live! I have always wanted to live in Europe, don't know if I will ever get the chance. For know, I will just have to, as ellie said before me, live vicariously through you!

Lisa said...

Love hearing all the details and can't wait to hear more. Glad it was a great trip!!!

Emily & Jeff said...

miss you already! the town (or country!) looks so so sweet. Jeff and I are thinking next summer would be a good goal for visiting.

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

Oh, the My Little Ponies. Somethings are universal, eh? Glad you had a fun trip :)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

hope its ok to answer here katy..

each time you click upload new photo button on the bottom right hand corner of that box is something to the effect of
you have used 350MB (35%) of your 1450MB

I have started compressing my photos and that has helped a great deal

beautiful luxembourg.. I want to move with you.. what line of work is your husband in.. I'll have to try and get my hubby in ;)

Lindsay said...

Lurker here! To say that I'm jealous that you get to live in Luxembourg is an understatement. My DH and I had our first date there almost 5 years ago to the day. I was just searching online for a photo of the movie cinema and Coyote Cafe for a storyboard. Enjoy your stay there!

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