Saturday, September 6

Not all Business

we got to be tourists too. Here are some of cool sites we visited in and around Luxembourg City.

Annual festival - Schueberfour. It's origins date back to 1340 when the Duke of Luxembourg called into being a large trading market. These potato pancakes are one of the signature dishes.
They were delish!

Coolest park EVER - Parc Monterey, right in the city center. Check out the enormous pirate ship!

Clervaux Castle which houses the Family of Man, a famous photography collection. It was so powerful it could hardly be taken in, in just one visit.

Castle ruins in Esch-Sur-Sure.

It's almost here! Can't wait to see your challenge tins! Send me an email or leave a comment with a link to your post. Our current challenge is: Children's Literature.


Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Words can't describe how jealous I am! :) I think that's just too awesome that you'll get to spend two years there.
I can give you ideas of where to visit in Austria if you should ever find yourself heading that way (and hopefully you will!).

Will you still be able to blog from there? Just curious how that all works.

I think it's funny to hear about Nutella. My grandparents would send it to us (from Austria)- this was way back when you couldn't buy it here (or at least not in Alaska). I remember locking myself in our pantry and eating nearly an entire jar! I try to be a good girl these days. :) By the way, my mom (Austrian) STILL HATES peanut butter.

Emily & Jeff said...

I can't wait to visit you!! Promise me we can have potato pancakes together and take the girls to play in the pirate ship!! I'm so so so excited for you!

Mama Said said...

Hey, Girl! I am so excited for y'all! And jealous!:)

I've posted my MTM. We are off to the mountains so I had to do it early. Loved the theme!!! So much fun!

Lena said...

How dreamy! Thanks so much for sharing and all the info! I can't wait to visit you there!

Road Trippers said...

Wow wow wow! I just got caught up on your blog. Such an exciting trip! I am overly excited for you and cannot wait to spend a night cramped up in your loft with my 3 kiddos! We are invited, aren't we? tee hee

Also, I LOVE the boxed products in Europe (like tomato sauce). It makes stacking your cupboards so much tidier. And tomato paste, pesto, etc. come in a tube like toothpaste -- so handy when you only use a tad here and there. You're going to have a ball exploring...

jojoebi-designs said...

Luxemburg looks great - I may have to pop in for a visit if I am ever in the area!

My muffin tin dinner is up - can we have an easy theme next time? :o)

' said...

Wow! Those potato cakes look delicious and that park is awesome!

Unknown said...

WOW! That is so cool! thanks for sharing! Just wanted to come in and say hello!

Monkey's Mama said...

Well, I didn't get around to it (had the big 3 b-day party today). I was going to just do Green Eggs & Ham but since I always make green eggs and used them for both the rainbow and b'fast challenge I thought it would be a bit of a cop out! I hope to join in next time.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

here is my muffin tin monday!! It was so much fun

we eat lots of nutella here too.... I have some in my muffin tin... of course we prefer it over peanut butter... but you eat it more quickly... so we give both to the kids

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