Saturday, October 18

Saturday Smatterings

I usually keep my posts to one topic, but today's is as scattered as my brain.

My mom planned a special project for the girls before she flew down south for the winter. They were so excited. She organized a Halloween card making activity complete with an assortment of spooky rubber stamps. My 4 year old really got into it and the little one, she really got into it too. Nothing like fresh stamp pad to poke your fingers into. It was a great way for them to spend some time together before my mom left.

I'm loving this new lipstick by Bobbi Brown in Blue Raspberry. It's glossier and shinier than a regular lipstick but doesn't have the yucky gooiness of a lip gloss (no perfumey taste either.) It's nice and thick and has a bit more color than all the nude glosses that are popular right now. I need a little color. A little something, anyway. Also now using Bobbi Brown's blush in Sand Pink. Color, good. Pale and drab, not so good. My fav Bobbi Brown product, however, remains the tinted moisturizer.

image from Little Nummies via Crafty Crow

The Halloween Challenge is on MONDAY. That's right - THIS MONDAY. In case you're still looking for inspiration check The Crafty Crow and One Pretty Thing. Both sites have fabulous Halloween food suggestions. I've already received some wonderful posts - can't wait to see yours!

My posts next week (other than the Halloween Challenge) are going to be focused on good-byes. I've said a lot of them this week. There are more to come.

See you on Monday. Bring your Challenge Tin. Everyone's doing it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to us!!!

The skeleton is one of my girl's faves...did you see Mr. Bone's Hand?!? Just posted yesterday.

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!
~ Kellie ~ said...

Thanks so much for the mention! Stamp crafting is SO much fun! I'm hoping to find a little time to create some Halloween cards myself!

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