Thursday, October 9


We've been having so much fun making these stuffies. My girls love to do the stuffing part. Actually the 2 year old loved throwing the stuffing all over the basement. Now that I think of it, the 4 year old too. Hmmm, quite sure there was some actual stuffing going on. Anyway, this a good time. Thanks to Soule Mama and her book for the idea.

The Halloween (fall, harvest) Challenge is now on
Tell your friends.


Granola said...

Hey please forgive my ignorance here but what is the fall/harvest challenge? What am I missing? Thanks!

katy said...

The Halloween Challenge is our next Muffin Tin Meal Challenge. Design your child's muffin tin to fit the Halloween theme. The Fall/Harvest theme is an alternative to Halloween for those who don't celebrate Halloween.

Email/comment with questions

Thanks! Hope to see your Halloween tin on the 20th!

Granola said...

Got it- thanks! For a bit there I thought you had something in addition to the mtm thing going on. I hope to pull it together - I was glad to see the later date.

Emily & Jeff said...

I love Halloween!!

' said...

My kids have been drawing like crazy - this would be fun... I'm sure they'll love it - after the show of course.

Thanks Katy!

Julie Alvarez said...

How cool is that cat?

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