Saturday, November 8

As predicted

No sleep for the grown-ups last night. Feels like we're back to having newborns. Two at a time. The horror! Our goal was to make it to 5:00am this morning. Oldest daughter prefered 4:00 after getting up many times from 3:00am on. Little one is still asleep after a very restless night. Bryce and I both had multiple slumber parties in her bed last night. This is all part of the fun, right?

Yesterday we managed to get out of the house by 3:30. We headed over to the pirate ship park for some fresh air. I think the 4 of us basically stood and stared - trying to take it all in. The park was full of families. Darling little European children calling "Papa!" across the park. After a short visit we headed to the mall and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. The girls devoured their bottles of apple juice. We then attempted to grocery shop only to discover 30 minutes later the store was closing. It was 6:00pm. We paid for what we had and will have to try again on Monday. The grocery store as most stores in Lux are closed on Sunday.

Today we're going to try and get some fresh air. May be hard as it is rainy and cold today. We'll see. Actually I'm not sure at all how we're going to fill the day. Nothing is open and we don't have much to do around the house. Perhaps we'll just play a game called Stir Crazy.

I attempted to purchase a new camera cord through only to discover they do not ship to Lux. Tried and then No luck. Apparently there are strict laws on shipping electronics. The address wasn't the problem, the item was. What are the chances I can find one in Lux? Who knows?

Bryce goes to work on Monday. I'm pretty nervous about that. My goals for the week are grocery shopping, locating a laundry mat, figuring out how to use the laundry mat and lastly figuring out how to use our oven. I think it is a convection oven. It's all in German. Didn't expect operating kitchen appliances to be a challenge.


sheppy said...

Hi again,

You could try Darty ( for the camera cord, but you would have to go to the store as they don't have an online version in Luxemburg.

If you can't order the exact cord you want, you could try getting a card reader, it is slightly bulky but very practical and easy to find.

Have a good day despite the fatigue.

Anonymous said...

You can also try I've already bought a lot of stuff there.
Have a nice and rainy day !
Oh, and what you can also do on Sunday is go there :

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there's also this website, all in French, but that has all what's happening in Lux for kids :

Anonymous said...

And one last stuff: in Belgium, at 1 hour in car form Lux,there's a small town where all shops are opened on Sundays. It's some sort of privilege... It's called Bastogne. Maybe you've heard of it, it was the location of this awful WWII battle of the Bulge. It's nice, and packed with family eating ice creams or crepes. And also some veterans.

Paula said...

I've been following your journey. We used to live in Germany and I remember how strange things felt at first. Might seem weird to say, but try to relish and write them down before it all feels normal.

Here is a temperature conversion chart for your oven. I'm sure you can find better charts elsewhere with a wide range for weather, etc.

Also, you may already be past this, but we found it helpful to be out when the sun was the brightest so that the natural light reset our internal clocks. I think this is the hardest time of year to adjust because of the longer darkness.

I'm excited for you. Enjoy.

Monkey's Mama said...

Try using babel fish for the directions and anything else you're looking to translate. It's worth a shot :)

I don't know how you find time to blog. I'm still here in regular old Seattle and I am having a heck of a time!

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