Friday, November 7

Live from Lux

We are here! We made it through the packing, moving and plane rides. We arrived at our pink house to find all the rental furniture had been delivered and our Assist contact was waiting at the house to greet us. Yipee! Luxembourg is just as beautiful as I remembered it, especially with the leaves changing colors.

Our journey here has been relatively smooth. Only a few hiccups to report. Bryce and I were both nervous about how our 2 year old would handle the plane ride (10 hours.) Other than 2 separate hellish 30 minute bursts, she did fine. She slept. She watched cartoons. Whew. One piece of luggage was lost. Pretty good considering we had 8 checked bags. We retrieved it today. The only other hiccup is the heat in our house. We had none. It would start and then stop. The house was *freezing* as it had been vacant for 3 months. Long story short - the owner of the house came over and ended up calling a service person. Seems to be working now, although it will probably take a full week for the house to completely warm up. The last hiccup is that I only packed 5 books for the kids. Not sure what I was thinking. I put a big pile in our air shipment, but who knows when that will arrive.

Just trivial things, really. We're thankful everything has been pretty manageable so far. Today, Bryce went into work and got a temporary cell phone. We also ordered our internet service. It is supposed to take about 10 days to get started. In the meantime Assist rents these temporary wi fi connection thingies for 10 euros a week. Bryce got it all installed so we do have connectivity at the house for the computer but not for our internet phone connection through vonage.

Bryce's work permit is still pending. No one from HR seems to be worried as it is an IT issue that has slowed it down. However, our things will *NOT* be shipped over here until he has his permit. Our shipment will sit in a warehouse in Seattle, waiting to go. Keep your fingers crossed.

I left the cord that connects my camera to the computer with our airshipment, so until we get that I'm unable to upload photos. Hmmm, I bet I could buy a new one here. Anyway, pictures may take a while.

More soon!
The address I emailed everyone has a mistake in it. Please send me an email to receive the corrected version as I don't have all of your emails on this computer. Thanks!! Judging by all the typos in this post I guess I'd better go to bed. It's 9:30pm on Friday night here.


Lisa said...

Yeah! I am glad you made it. Sounds like a successful trip. Though the 4 books I can see as a problem! How quickly can you get a library card? Looking forward to all your adventures.

Monkey's Mama said...

I hope your stuff gets to you soon! Good luck settling in :)

Emily & Jeff said...

I'm so proud of you and your family for doing this adventure!! I miss you so so so much. Jeff and I were planning out tonight all the countries we want to go to when we come visit. Please give the girls love...I'm so wondering what Evie's favorite parts of her days have been...

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