Friday, November 21


Bryce and I are still deciding about Thanksgiving. Not sure if we're going to cook the traditional fare or not. Guess we'd better figure it out soon. The girls and I made this Thanksgiving scene on Thursday afternoon. It was quite fun. I cut out many of the pieces, especially for Audrey and the girls did the gluing. Eva's kitty acorn in my favorite. Adds some festive cheer into our kitchen.

We bought the final season of The Wire (sur ecoute - la cinquieme saison complete) at Auchan. Bryce was very clear about only watching one episode per night. It is KILLING me! I managed to weasel another one out of him tonight. I'm on pins and needles . . . Butchie - OMG! Omar? McNulty off the wagon (again!) What about Michael and Dukie and little Bug? Someone in this darn show has to make it. Argh.

It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. European snow. Oh, yeah.

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Dee Light said...

How fun and colorful!!

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