Saturday, January 31

For the birds

Audrey and I picked up these little suet rings at the grocery store this week. Hoping I could get a better look at some of our neighborhood birds as they stop for a bite. So far we've had quite a few blue tits visit. Not surprising as they were pictured on the suet ring box. I think a rock thrush also had a nibble, but I'm not 100% sure that's what it was. Thanks for all your birding comments. So great!

Photo credit here.

The Crafty Crow has a great post on make-at-home bird feeders. Hoping to make one of them soon.

Extra surfing time this weekend? Here's what I've been clicking on lately.



Kimberly said...

Those are beautiful birds that you have visiting your backyard! I've never seen one of those before. Stunning. Hope you get more "visitors" soon.

We had a little backyard before we moved to our current location and absolutely loved our bird visitors. We had a cardinal family who frequented our birdfeeder and a whole slew of barn swallows. I miss their beutiful chirps and the hours of enjoyment they brought our family.

The Clegg Family said...

i totally missed out on the scrapdown, but let me know when you're doing one again! i would LOVE it!


stephanie levy said...


I enjoyed finally catching up with your blog today! And I love!! your "little differences" series. It sounds like there are lots of similarities between Luxembourg and Germany - the post boxes, the missing light fixtures... it makes me realize how many things I now take for granted- I've been living here so long and I don't notice the "differences" as much anymore.

I am also impressed by your quilting!

Keep in touch!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

What a pretty bird! I am going to have to start researching what birds we'll have in our back yard when we move to Sicily this summer. Right now we have a bunch of cardinals...I love those flashes of red.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love birds and have a ton of feeders in the backyard. Hope you get some good bird pics off that feeder!!

Nicole said...

We live in mountains so we see all kinds of great birds. I just have no idea what they are! I really love the blue birds but don't know the real name for them. Also, I tried to post pictures on the "scrap down" flickr site and I'm not sure if I did right. When I go to check I can't see the pictures I posted. Any ideas? Thanks!

Dee Light said...

What a wonderfu little bird.

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