Friday, January 30

Charm Quilt Design Ideas

Ah, so many squares so many choices. Here are some quilt patterns that would work nicely for a charm quilt.

This is a 4 patch with sashing and a wide border.

E.L. mentioned that she wanted to use a Chinese Coin pattern. A great idea with charm fabric.

Found this in the book, Fat Quarter Quilts by M'liss Hawley. The pattern is called Triangles and Confetti. If you're interested in this one, email me and I'll send you the directions.

Audrey found this trapezoid pattern along with some other possibilities at this site.

This baby size quilt is made with 135, 3 inch squares. It is 9 squares by 15 squares. The border is 3 inches wide, finished. Since we're getting 250 squares, it is nearly possible to make 2 of these quilts. This is what I'm going to do. I'm thinking 1 with pastels and 1 with brights.

Kayce is making hers by alternating her charm squares with a neutral beige square.

Carrie is putting white sashing around each charm square.

Be sure to check the SCRAPDOWN flickr group often to see our quilting progress.


* elizabeth * said...

I just made a quilt like the first sketch for my MIL for
her Birthday!!!

Dee Light said...

Thanks for the ideas. The baby quilt looks like something I might could manage.

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