Sunday, March 8

Italy - Day 4

Our last full day in Itay - we headed out to the coast to visit our Seattle neighbors. This drive was longer, about 3.5 hours, but again, it was incredibly beautiful. We arrived in Trani at 1:00 and were greeted with a magnificent sit down lunch. The main course was a regional pasta dish with veal meat balls and lots of Pecorino cheese. It was a wonderful way to unwind after the long drive.Our hosts' apartment was amazing - high, vaulted almost dome like ceilings, a large welcoming kitchen with a small fire place and balconies that opened to a view of the main piazza. Simply beautiful. We visited, toured the apartment and it's roof, then set out on foot to see a bit of Trani. We stopped at a playground, walked along the Adriatic and ended up at their favorite gelateria. We were told about the importance of vitamin G and did not want to risk a deficiency. It was there that I had the best gelato of our trip - the flavor was called Biscotto and it was delish!

We returned to the apartment and played a fun and educational game of Italian word bingo, made by their oldest son. The girls and I are set to make our own French version of the game. Dinner was pizza from the local pizzeria. We even learned how to eat it properly - folded in half of course. The girls pretty much passed out from exhaustion after dinner. Bryce and I then spent a very pleasant evening chatting with our hosts about expat life, children, and Italy. It was a great visit. We left early the next morning and drove across the boot to Naples and then up to Rome. Our flight back to Lux was at 3:15.


4in4 said...

This entry is such a lovely mix of words and pictures! Thanks for sharing your day!

Monkey's Mama said...

What a wonderful trip! I miss real gelato. My favorite was panna cotta - yum! and I had a wonderful melon flavor . . . mmmmm!

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