Monday, March 9

SCRAPDOWN Project #2


Let's use up more of our scraps and make some cute bags all at the same time. I've collected a few bag tutorials for you to look through, but there are millions more out there in cyberspace. This project does not involve a fabric exchange - use what you have, I know we all have *lots* of scraps left. Post pictures your WIPs and finished bags in the flickr group. If you find a great bag tutorial to share leave it in the comments or on the flickr group.

The beautiful patchwork bag pictured was made by Kayce. She used some squares leftover from our Charm Quilt Scrap Exchange. Maybe if we harass her enough she'll post directions for this bag.

As for our Charm Quilts, most of us are still grinding away but a few ambitious peeps have finished! See for yourself:



Bag Tutorials

Quilted Patchwork Bag

Reversible Patchwork Bag

Patchwork Messenger Bag - tutorial is on page 2, scroll down

Apple Picking Tote

Patterned Jewelry Pouch

Molly's Little Purses

Jaipur Tote Bag

Monk's Bag

Craftster List of Bags

I'm going to start with the Reversible Patchwork Bag from Pink Penguin. How about you?


Jessica said...

Making bags is my favorite way to stash bust and end up with a finished project in one weekend. I'll have to check out those links!

Lisa said...

That purse is adorable!!!! Once again, I have sewing envy.....

' said...

I'll try to do a tutorial for that bag (or one similar) - but really, I have so many ideas for others it might be hard for me to focus on one I've already done :)

Renee said...

I didn't realize I had failed to comment on this post too... MARVELOUS!!! This is my kind of stuff, love your purse and your quilts. Keep on sharing, love them all. Blessings

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