Wednesday, April 15

Easter Monday

The Monday after Easter is a national holiday here in Luxembourg (and maybe else where in Europe.) But only in Luxembourg is The Festival of Whistles, known as Peckvillcher celebrated. This year marked the 182nd festival. The festival is celebrated in an Easter Market where vendors from all over Europe come to sell ceramic bird whistles. Each year Luxembourg makes official national bird whistles that are stamped with the year and sold to the public at the Market. As you can imagine these have come quite collectible through the years.

In 1981 Peckvillcher was honored with a national stamp.

In addition to the bird whistles there are antiques, baked goods, flowers, art, and other crafts for sale. It was a wonderful market. The narrow streets are packed with people but above the din the sound of bird whistles is heard throughout.

The girls could do without the crowds, but they adore their little French bird whistles. Eva figured out how to make hers tweet. Lacking in the art of sublty like any 2 year old, Audrey can blow hers loud. Very loud.

Read more about Peckvillcher here.


Joy said...

How cute! My daughter has a bird whistle, I had no idea they were something special!

se7en said...

These little birds are totally divine ... they are just the sweetest little things!!! I just love them!

ksjjpalmer said...

Your little girl is a beauty! And the whistles were cute too!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Those are beautiful bird whistles.. I have never really seen them, apart from plastic ones :)

Easter Monday is pretty special in Australia too, used to be a public holiday (still is kinda) but the last few years shops and the like are open so some people have to work

Anonymous said...

Those are such cute little birds! I have such a thing for ceramic birds. I'll probably have a crazy collection of them when I'm an old lady.

I have a friend from Sweden who moved to the states and brought along a ceramic bird that has um, "genitalia"'s actualy kinda cute. All white with just a little dangly thing, lol.

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