Wednesday, April 15

SCRAPDOWN Project #3

Okay, ready for the next SCRAPDOWN project? I am. Although truthfully there are a few more bags inside me waiting to be made. How are your scraps? Are you using them up? Um, I haven't made any significant progress on the bags and bags of little scraps I have. But I have used up some fabric from my stash so that's good. For these next set of projects I PROMISE to use bag scraps. Exclusively.

So, with a renewed resolve ~ here is the next SCRAPDOWN project:

Things for the KITCHEN

I'm quite excited about the collection of tutorials I've rounded up for us.

Patchwork Kitchen Mat

Recipe Card Cozy


Quilted Tea Cozy

Grocery Bag Dispenser

Craft Apron

Quilted Hot Pads

Patchwork Kitchen Towels

Patchwork Placemats

Slack Arse Oven Mitts

Please send in other great kitchen tutorials!

There are two more finished Charm Quilts! (Mine is still waiting to be quilted. Blush.)

This is Stacey's

This is Bridget's


We're off on a weekend trip. Nose to the grind stone when I get back . . . I swear. Scraps be damned.


Emily Malate said...

You're such a scrapper!

ksjjpalmer said...

OK, your trip to the tulips looks like it will be amazing. They say that the Skagit Valley tulips are still not blooming. The ground is still too cold. We are finally getting some spring days now. It hits 60 and Jacob is in shorts. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Have a blast in The Netherlands - we went to Keukenhof 5 years ago and still tell people about it - amazing. Your girls will love it.

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