Monday, May 4

I couldn't help myself

It started with some frantic, spur of the moment weeding. It ended 60.00 euros later at the local nursery. Now we have a little garden spot. Just enough to satisfy our (my) need to watch something grow. We have 2 little lavender plants, 2 strawberry plants and 2 currant plants; one red and one black. I'm most excited about the currants. These plants are new to me but seem to be very common around here. Both of our neighbors have gorgeous currant plants. I hope ours do well. Maybe I'll even make some cassis. Ha. Just for fun I threw some seed potatoes in too. We had so much fun harvesting them last year - thought I may as well give it a go this year.
Also hit the seed aisle - sunflowers, pumpkins and rainbow chard.

Happy sigh. I'm excited!


Emily Malate said...

Currants...that is interesting! Fun. I can't wait to get gardening in our new home - I've been plotting out which fragrant shrub will go where! (Jeff is into the veggies, as you know I'm into the flowers...)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Happy Gardening! Post a pic of the currants when you get a chance.

Lisa said...

Sounds great! We have started an "experimental garden" in the back this year to see if anything will grow. Working on a post about it currently!

Jessica said...

I love currants! I'm looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt soon here!

Becky said...

I cannot help myself in the spring. I just have a need to plant. You are not alone. Enjoy the warmer air.

christie said...

Currant European, I think. Hope
they are easier than gooseberries.
I bought stuff for my garden today when I
was in town...seeds, bulbs and manure.
I have the tarps off, and when it stops raining
I will till and plant. I am doing the wildflower
thing again this year...also lots of hollyhocks for
when you are here.

Monkey's Mama said...

My mom grew up picking currants and loganberries (on Vashon). Happy gardening - we planted 3 tomato plants, snap peas, beans from last year and yellow zuchs on Sunday. Here's hoping the sun comes back soon!

Road Trippers said...

Oh! You're turning your place into "home" with a little garden!

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