Thursday, May 21

Yes, I Made More Bags

I made this one for my MIL. Bryce informed me that she wanted one of my bags for her birthday. How could I resist? Her bag is made mainly from batik scraps. The colors and funky look of batiks has always reminded me of my MIL. It is lined with a soft light blue batik-like fabric.

This cheerful bag is for another one of Eva's friends who turned 5 yesterday. Eva insisted that yellow squares be added to it since pink and yellow are her friend's favorite colors. These are important details when you're 5. I managed to find the one piece of yellow I have in my stash. Note to self: When the time comes to restock my stash buy yellows.


My in-laws arrived safely. We enjoyed a family dinner and little birthday celebration for my MIL. The girls are so excited they can hardly stand it. Tomorrow we've planned a mellow day to allow for jet-lag recovery.

Have some clicky time this weekend? Like your humor dark? Here ya go.


Jessica said...

I really do love those bags--and I have a bunch of batiks hanging around, too.

Lena said...

Love it! That is definitely so Chris! BTW I love the new header/banner you have- it makes me smile every time!

Irini said...

The dictionary link is hilarious.
Hope you are well. I check your blog all the time. Oh! And I love Eva's bangs; saw them on Flickr!

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