Sunday, June 21

Sunday Stash #4

This week I'm sharing one of my very favorite stashed pieces. This is from Alexander Henry, 2000 and is called Robot Man. It is a flannel fabric and would be perfect for a baby quilt, swaddling blanket or even little jammie bottoms. I'll use this for sure if my sister has a boy.

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Insider Adventures said...

Happy Father's Day! I miss you and Eva and Audrey and Bryce.
Love you and think about you. Please don't abandon me.

Christina Lowry said...

ROBOT MAN is very cute! Perfect for little boys. I have some flanalette wraps with a rolled edge that have come in very handy. I'm going to keep them and make them into a quilt when I don't need them for bubba any more. :)

Mel said...

Mmmm I am beginning to realise that Alexander Henry is THE man when it comes to kids fabric that is cool without being 'cutesy' and demeaning. Robot man is very funky.

I have some starling (I think it's called?) on the way here from the US as I type! Can't wait!

(p.s glad you found my blog so I could find yours! It's fantastic :)

Emily Malate said...

the fabric is so cute it almost makes me hope I'm having a boy...almost...We'll know July 1st!!

s.i. michaels said...

Oh, that flickr group is just full of such prettiness. I'll have to try to take part!

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