Friday, July 31

A Wonderful Time

I think it would have been impossible to cram one more visit, one more appointment, one more dinner, one more anything into our trip to Seattle. Amazing that we still weren't able to connect with everyone. Guess they'll just have to come visit!

Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

:: Paul and Ann's wedding reception in Richland. A great celebration and chance to catch up with many of our Seattle friends.

:: The annual Pine Cone Drive-in. Featured movies were Duma and Silverado. Kids were treated to classic Donald Duck and Goofy cartoons before the main feature.

:: Wednesday night Bastille Day dinner at my cousin's house. We dined on French onion soup and a potato Gorgonzola tart. We contributed macarons from Le Panier for dessert.

:: My youngest's first haircut. She managed to hold out until nearly 3 years old!

:: Pool Party at Great-Grandma Lucy's house. First time all of Lucy's grandchildren and great grandchildren were all together under one roof.

:: Stopping by our house to pet our little gray cat, Gus. Pretty sure she remembered us. Not!

:: My little one celebrated her 3rd birthday at the Pine Cone Drive-in. Thanks to Auntie Lena for planning such a fun party and to Grandma Chris and cousin Kaity for the butterfly cake!

:: My niece's 4th birthday!

:: A playdate in at the park with preschool friends.

:: A delicious backyard Mediterranean dinner with our good friends. Such a fun night! Such a yummy night! Click here for the complete dinner menu, prepared by our friend of extraordinary culinary genius. I've requested the exact same menu for our next Seattle visit.

:: A relaxing weekend at my mom's house. It was a perfect way to catch our breath before making the long trip home. The girls helped my mom pick beans and gooseberries in the garden. Eva cut flowers and made many small flower arrangements. Such a nice way to end our trip.

And these were just the highlights that I photographed!! I was happy to dine with Lori, Julie, Laura! I enjoyed Thai food with Christine. Had a pedicure, dinner, coffee date with Lori. Went Costco and craft store shopping with Tara. And spent lots of great time with Erik and Lena!

Just noticing my ridiculous picture choice on my last post. Titled it "Back in Lux" and then followed it with a picture of Seattle's Space Needle. Brilliant. I'm going to blame it on jet lag. It is taking longer to adjust back here in Lux than it did in Seattle. Everyone has their own theory about what direction results in the worse jet lag. I believe it is traveling east. Bryce believes it is traveling west. Honestly, I'd be fine by now if it weren't for 2 little girls who are having a hard adjustment. Audrey has been up from 12-2am since we landed. Last night Eva tagged on to Audrey and was up from 2-5am. Help. However, it is better than the first time we traveled this way. That was a nightmare. Wish us luck for tonight.


Heather - said...

Looks like you had a great time! And, my son just turned 3, too. :)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Sounds like a very full and fun trip. Glad you were able to connect with so many friends and family members. Good look with the jet lag we'll be in the same boat next week.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fantastic trip. I love the picture of Eva in the flowers at your moms. BEAUTIFUL!! I guess since we didn't get to connect I have to come to Europe:-) Not likely but I can dream!!!! I can only imagine how busy you were catching up with everyone.

Bobbi & Noe said...

What a fun time! All those moments look like precious memories!

Emily Malate said...

What great photos. I can't wait to here more, and see the results of your fashion spree! 7 more days!!Hope you had a better night sleep (or the girls did) last night. love you.

Jackie said...

The potato gorgonzola tart sounds terrific. what a beautiful mouth-watering dish!

Jackie at

ksjjpalmer said...

We had a wonderful park date as well. Always fun to catch up and play! Wow! What a whirlwind tour you had. You did an amazing job of fitting 2+ weeks into one wonderful blog entry. Sleep well!

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