Monday, August 17

Hello you

It's Monday night. I'm pooped. We did some serious traveling. Some serious site seeing. Some serious eating. Did I mention I'm pooped? Hope to share some photos from Gent with you tomorrow. In the mean time I had to share my favorite photo of the weekend. Look at my baby. She takes my breath away.


Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Oh wow! Me again, the stranger from Sweden!
I completely understand you being pooped, traveling with little kids and family is excited and exhausting ;)

We just got back from 3 weeks in France (Paris to start off with) and a week in Latvia (you can easily take ferries from Stockholm to all Baltic countries). We also had an aunt and uncle with us for our travels for the last 7 weeks...They`ve just left us, so it's pretty quiet in the house..

Enjoy the company!! It certainly is a pleasure to discover new places with family... Brussels and Gent are lovely, you also need to check out Bruges (the Venice of the North).

Have a great week!

Marcelle in Sweden

ksjjpalmer said...


poppyart said...

she is just lovely. it is amazing, isn't it? as freddie is growing up as his own person, i sometimes look at him and am astounded by the little man he is becoming. and so handsome... (is it just because i'm his mum? has there EVER been a boy as handsome as him??!!) bridgetxx

Jessica said...

That picture needs a frame! Traveling is just plain exhausting...I can't wait to see pictures when you're all rested up!

Road Trippers said...

she takes my breath away, too, and she looks just like you!

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