Wednesday, August 19

Potatoes and Germany

Today we visited Trier, Germany. We just had to get one more day trip in before saying good bye. Tomorrow morning Em and Jeff head to Amsterdam on the train. There, they will toodle around, taking in the sights before returning home to Hawaii. It was a wonderful visit. I'll fill you in on all the details. Promise.
For now, though, I thought I'd share our haul of potatoes, unearthed yesterday. It was quite amusing to watch Eva, with her pink Dora shovel, try to dig up potatoes without ever touching the dirt. Do you have one of these? One of these kids who doesn't like to get her hands dirty? As a teacher I could count on having at least 1-2 kids a year in my class. Anyhoo, she still loved it. It really is like a treasure hunt. I think I may have left these in the ground too long. There are green patches on some of them. Anyone know anything about this? No green last year.

I totally recommend potatoes as an easy and kid friendly item to plant. All I did was quarter up a few potatoes that had gone to seed and the kids dropped them in the dirt. I didn't even mound them this year. The girls want to turn the whole lot into pommes frites. Not a bad idea.

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christie said...

From what I think I know, the green is not to be
eaten and comes when the potato is too near
the needs mounding. This is not an
opinion that I verified. mom

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