Friday, August 7

Off with their heads!

We returned to Lux to find most of our sunflowers face down on the lawn. Right then the girls and I made plans to cut them down so they could have at the seeds. Our biggest sunflower was still standing. We let it live a few more days until the girls could wait no longer. It's stem was incredibly thick. I wasn't sure whether to grab an ax or my pruners to cut it down. I half expected a giant to fall from the sky when it fell over.

This year the majority of our sunflowers had black seeds. Last year ours had white seeds.

The girls loved picking at all the seeds. They got their beach buckets and piled seeds in them. Eva rummaged through our recycling for plastic bottles and made numerous shakers. There were lots of lady bugs on the flowers too which was an added bonus. We also had numerous small sunflowers that made great cut flowers.

The flowers are still sitting there in the back garden. They continue to get played with a little each day.

How are your sunflowers growing?


ksjjpalmer said...

Our sunflowers are super tall but our flowers aren't quite fully formed yet. We usually just let the birds have them but I'm going to copy you this year and let the kids "deconstruct" them. Do you eat any of the seeds? Do you save any for next year's planting?

katy said...

We never eat the seeds. I think you have to roast them. . . not sure though. I haven't saved any seeds for planting either. Good idea! In Seattle our sunflowers were ready in early September. The growing season here seems to be about a month ahead of you guys.

Road Trippers said...

Never ONCE have I had a successful hoo.

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