Wednesday, October 21

Right Now: Late October

Watching :: Episodes 1-5 of this season's Office. Thanks itunes.
Reading :: this and this along with the rest of the blogosphere
Making :: a hand print quilt for my oldest daughter's class
Eating :: a bit too mindlessly
Feeling :: so incredibly happy for my mom
Thinking :: about the special visit I had with my aunt & uncle
Hoping :: at some point I won't feel exhausted all the time
Wondering :: where we're going to travel after Christmas
Hearing :: my oldest beginning to read
Liking :: Tuesday walks in the woods
Wanting :: a weekend away with Bryce
Playing :: this CD that I bought on a whim
Wishing :: we could spend Thanksgiving with family
Enjoying :: the sunny, cold days and beautiful autumn foliage
Coveting :: another cup of coffee

This Right now format found here.

What are you up to Right Now?


mom said...

Loved this post. It says so much. The books you
are enjoying remind me of the kinds I like.
I am enjoying special chocolate from Paris right
now and feeling good. mom

Carrie said...

Get ready for tears in the wedding episode... not because it's a wedding necessarily, but because Jim's off the market now. Sorry Katy! ;-)

Unknown said...

K -
I never tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog. It really helps me feel connected to you and your family. I even get to hear how your mom and dad and emily are doing. It is so nice. I, too, loved this post. I think that it is nice to get to the point and think outside the box. So...thanks for it all. PS - you probably have not gotten the thank you card yet, but just had to tell you I love O birthday present and funny enough - I could read most of the book. Who knew highschool german would ever come in handy. Love you girl. xo S

Juleskis said...

Watching : Several shows on DVR - too many to list, clearly I am a TV addict.
Reading :: Nothing at the moment...bought a book at the airport coming back from Lux. The Shack, but slept instead of read, so haven't started it yet.
Making : er a bed maybe
Eating :soups - fall is time to make pots of soup
Feeling ::Tired - work is busy and I am not sleeping well
Thinking How busy work is...and how much I need to do, but can't because I am waiting on others.
Hoping : to come into a ton of money
Wondering : about my future
Hearing : ellen
Liking : Working from home on this wet, windy, fall day
Wanting Every day to be a weekend
Playing : Nothing, just working
Wishing : To retire now, travel, and enjoy life
Enjoying : working in my PJs on the couch
Coveting ::Ellen's job

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