Wednesday, October 21

Halloween Party

The AWCL is also hosting a Halloween party. It is geared towards the little kiddos, up to age 6. I've helped organize it which has been fun.

One of the crafts we're going to have at the party is making macaroni necklaces. I saw this post on the Crafty Crow and decided to dye our pasta in Halloween colors - Orange, green and purple. The dyeing process called for rubbing alcohol, which at home in the U.S. is no problem. Here, however, it proved to be a bit problematic. After consulting with a few people it seemed I'd have to buy it at a pharmacy where it was sold in little glass bottles for 5,00 euros!! Luckily I found it at the grocery store (next to the band-aids) in slightly bigger bottles for 2,50. Still expensive compared to U.S. standards.

The dyeing directions say to completely cover the pasta in the rubbing alcohol and food coloring mix. Economically, that just wasn't a sane thing for me to do. So, I filled the zip lock bag up enough so that one side of the pasta was soaking in the alcohol when I laid the bag on it's side. I left it over night and flipped the bag over the next morning and left it another day. It worked out just fine. I also used the rubbing alcohol for 2 batches of pasta. After taking out the first batch I just added a few more drops of dye and then put in more pasta to soak.

Bottom line is, you can do this project with much less rubbing alcohol than is called for. Boy, that was a long explanation for something very simple. I'm wordy. It drives me crazy.

I'll tell ya about our other craft tomorrow. It's a classic.

Here are a few Halloween ideas from last year:

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Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Hi Katy!
Thanks for that little tidbit about the rubbing alcohol! I have the same problem here in Sweden, so good to know we don`t need as much ;o)

We`re also going to the AWC`s Halloween party here in Stockholm! I'm baking cookies (very mummy of me I know) and will be volunteering there too...Should be fun, we have over 100 people going!

poppyart said...

thanks for the mail... all well here. also hosting a halloween party - inspired by the huge number of bits in poundland we stocked up on weeks ago! and have a repeat of last year's gruffalo walk great fun!... i will post about it after sunday. new blog - - bridget

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