Monday, November 23


We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner. On Saturday. For 11 people. This will be the *first* time Bryce and I have ever done this. Yes, I'm totally freaking out. But I'm getting some help. However, instead of planning the menu, checking my linens, looking up recipes or breathing deeply, I decided to put together an activity book for the kids that will be here on Saturday. There will be 4 of them from age 3 to 7. They are all girls and they get very silly, giggly and a bit wild when they're together. I thought, maybe, just maybe an activity book would keep them calmer therefore keeping me calmer. It's a long shot, I know.

Anyhoo, here are the pages I printed. Some are a bit smaller than I'd like and some will be cut and pasted to make one page. It's off to the copy center I go. . . assuming I can find one. I'm also going to try and get our knives sharpened tomorrow. Cross your fingers on that one for me too.

here* there are some cool vintage-y pictures here

* My fav finds.


Anonymous said...

OOh, something I'm doing..... I'm putting brown craft paper on the table as a table cloth and cups of crayons in the center so they can draw on it while waiting..... I'll put some empty tic tac toe hashes on there and outlines of a place setting at each place :)

Monkey's Mama said...

Have fun! I haven't made a turkey in a few years but you will do great! Just get your hands in there under the skin with butter and herbs. Also, I don't baste - I find that it dries it out and just creates more work for you!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tara said...

So fun! You'll do great! We're having Thanksgiving in our pjs this year! There's lots of online help & you can call me, too.

Teacher Tom said...

Good luck, although you probably don't need it.

This is my 11th year as host. We have 32 coming on Thursday!!

christie said...

You will do just fine, like you did with the first
Christmas dinner in your tiny kitchen. Of course,
you have to pull out the pin feathers first...I am
thinking of your turkey surprise of last year.
If you need any "family" recipes that I might have,
let me know. I just picked out a pomegrante and
I now know, that this is easier when the pomegrante
is fresh...mine was, from a friend;s tree. mom

Emily Malate said...

did you get your knives sharpened? it was a long night dutch, thanks for being there for me at 2:00 am! xo

Angela said...

Sounds like fun! I'm sure your dinner will be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for compiling all the activity sheets for us. I've just printed out a bunch to keep my daughter occupied on Thursday during all the food prep - maybe Grandma can help her color and find words :o) Have a great turkey day!

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