Friday, January 1

2009 in Pictures

. . . and a few words.
What a huge and eventful year.

~ a Luxembourg resident ~ Trier Circus ~ charm quilt exchange ~ Eva turns 5 ~

February~ little differences ~ Italy ~ charm quilts ~

~ reversible patchwork bags ~

~ Amneville Zoo ~ Amsterdam ~

May ~ Switzerland ~ in-laws visit ~ butterfly garden ~ Bernard Massard Caves ~

June ~ my mom's surgery - Seattle~ Neil Young in Cologne ~ 10 year anniversary in Paris ~

July ~ Seattle ~ Skykomish ~ Paul & Ann's wedding ~ pool party~ Pine Cone Drive-in ~ Audrey turns 3 ~

August ~ plums ~ Jeff & Em visit ~ Belgium ~ trampolines in the park ~ schueberfour ~

September ~ Disney Land Paris ~ Parc Merveilleux ~ owl pellets ~ Julie visits ~ Paris ~

October ~ Julie and I go to Italy ~ Aunt & Uncle visit~ AWCL Halloween ~

November~ Neuschwanstein Castle ~ Bavaria ~ Innsbruck ~ my birthday ~ St. Nicolas Train ~ the flu ~

December~ nephew is born ~ Hawaii ~ Paris ~ Trier Christmas Market ~ in-laws visit ~ bryce's birthday ~

2010 it's nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

The inspiration for this post was seen here.


ksjjpalmer said...

All I can say is WOW! Quite a year for the Hanson family!

Monkey's Mama said...

You take such beautiful photos! Happy New Year Katy!

Dana said...

Looks like a great year for you! I wish you and your family an equally happy 2010.

Denise Kiggan said...

What a lovely idea to capture the essence of year like this!
I have been to Luxembourg- but only for a short while. We were staying with my s-i-law in Belgium and she took us on a road trip - 5 countries in 1 day! Luxembourg was one of the 5!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

A great way to remember a great year. Hoping 2010 is also full of amazing moments and adventures! Happy New Year!

Angela said...

What a beautiful post!! Hope you are all doing well and wishing you the best in 2010!!

likeschocolate said...

Looks like you have had a wonderful year! Wishing you another happy and healthy New Year!

suddenly sahm said...

so inspirational and such beautiful photography. Miss you!

Emily Malate said...

Great post! It's cool to see that we've still been so connected this year even though we live SO far apart from each other. Can't wait to hear about the Hanson adventures in 2010!
Love you!!

Juleskis said...

Love this post...and love that I am in two months of it. :) Looks like you had a great 2009! Bring on the New Year!

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