Monday, January 4

Project 365 minus 240

equals 125 (which is exactly the number of days I was able to keep my Project 365 going.)
There I said it. I failed at Project 365. I stopped when I left for Seattle to be with my mom during her surgery. I did feel disappointed that I couldn't keep it going, but it also felt like a relief. No daily projects for me this year. What about you? Are you starting Project 365? Are you in the middle of it? Have you finished? I'd love to know how you're doing. Leave a link to your pics so we can check them out!

My favorite picture from my Project 125. My least.

Check this daily project out - A Collection a Day, 2010. I'm definitely going to follow it. I love collections!


Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

If I ever get a nice camera, I might do Project 365. I love the idea!

suddenly sahm said...

I am doing p365 with my crappy little camera. I even got some books on photography from the library to help me. Link to pics is off my blog to flickr.


Lisa said...

Well, I completed P365 for last year. Loved parts of it and the photos I captured but not really thrilled with the look of the album. So this year I will be traditionally scrapping but still taking a photo a day just to make sure I have lots of pictures of the little things. May start on off-shoot blog to share them. Not sure.... Hmmm, probably more than you want to know:-)

Anonymous said...

Somehow I was able to finish Project 365 for 2009 ( I probably missed a dozen or so days along the year. It did get old after awhile but I am glad I stuck with it. Now to print all of the pictures and put them in an album! This year I still want to do a photography project, just not as intensive as P365. So, "52 Weeks in 2010" it is ( I'll probably take more than one picture a week but there's no pressure to take one a day. It's a relief to not have that hanging over my head!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I was never ambitious enough to even attempt the 365...I say good for you for getting as far as you did. I am taking part again in color + color. I like those color challenges...sharpens my eye to observe and hunt for things around me. Love the collection blog you posted. I am also a sucker for collections.

katy said...

sunny tuesday - the idea does sound very tempting, I agree! It's the execution that is difficult :)

SAHM - books on photography! You studious little thing! I look forward to photo tips on your blog :)

Lisa - not more than I wanted to know! I'd love to see what your album looks like. when you started this project, I didn't really understand the scrapping aspect of it.

wilkefamily - project52. totally great idea. i'm almost tempted - really! Your pictures are very good! I enjoyed looking at them!

Dim Sum - I'm not familiar with color + color. What is it all about? Is there a link to it on your blog? I'll have to click over and check.

Chillygator said...

I'm close to starting my third year of doing a 365 ( It's so much easier than keeping an actual journal! I love looking at other people who do it, because it's always fun to glimpse into lives like that.

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