Wednesday, January 6

Giggle Worthy

I've been doing quite a bit of mindless surfing the past few days. Think I'm decompressing from the holidays . . . Anyway, I came across a few things that made me smile. Maybe they'll have the same effect on you.

Sorry we're . . .

via Swiss Miss


That is Priceless the blog that renames famous works of art. Totally love #30


Doormat scale. Funny and scary.

via Swiss Miss


Regretsy. Have you heard of this site? It is a collection of hideous (funny, gross, inappropriate, confusing, ugly . . . ) items found for sale on etsy. All posted merchandise is made funnier by a snarky caption by the blog author. This is the one that made me laugh out loud. Disclaimer: Don't browse through this blog at work or with the kiddos. Just sayin'


Amy said...

Thank-you so much for the giggles today!

Anonymous said...

Oh - regretsy is soooo wrong but so right! Just when I was trying to shake my snark habit.

Road Trippers said...


christie said...

i laughed out loud at the door mats... I
wish I could buy one of my creation. mom

poppyart said...

oh my goodness, regretsy kept me busy for hours! fab.

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