Saturday, January 9


Changed my banner thanks to a great tutorial from Molly. Yes, I've made plenty of photo banners previously but with Molly's method I ended up with a clearer picture (and less hassle on my part.) Totally recommend it! She's created a flickr group called, Handmade Headers to share the beautiful banners out there in blogland.

While I was at it I updated the list of blogs that I'm currently enjoying. This updating has inspired me to continue cleaning house around this blog. Watch for changes.

Oh, Suddenly SAHM is giving away a bag of her salted bacon caramels to one lucky January commenter. Don't miss out on that one. Hop over and say Hi.

It is freezing cold here in Luxembourg. It has been -6 degrees Celsius (21 Fahrenheit) when I take the girls to school in the morning. -4 when I pick them up in the afternoon. Now it's snowing lightly as it has been for the past few days. Similar weather predicting for next week. Brrrrr.


likeschocolate said...

Sending warm thought your way! I can't send warm weather since it is freezing here in Georgia too!

Molly said...

thanks for the link katy! i'm so glad the tute worked for you. i made a new header today and my husband said, "i can't believe how fast you can do that!" lots of experience i guess :)

Road Trippers said...

Can you say rain? Dreary, soul-less gray rain? Day after day after day. Seattle is pretty darn gloomy these days. It seems endless this year since we haven't had any snow interruptions...just reminding you what you COULD be dealing with. Ha!

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