Friday, January 29

Love Note Pillows

I've been saving old jeans for a while now. Not really sure what I planned to do with them, but that didn't seem to stop me from obsessively tucking them into my fabric stash. Happy to have found a use for one pair, the pockets anyway. What to do with the rest?

I think the girls will really dig these - a secret little pocket for love notes. Come on! Who wouldn't want one?! Maybe I'll make a family set, so we can all send sweet thoughts to each other. Ha! Now to come up with a special Valentine to tuck into the pockets. Not loving the wide eyelet I used on the "love" pillow. I prefer the red trim. I am, however, proud of myself for using what I had on hand.

I didn't prepare a proper tutorial for you all. I made these in such a frantic rush of excitement. (Ya know how it is when you have an idea and you just can't wait to see how it turns out). Here are a few tips though. I wouldn't leave you hanging . . . On the back I used this 70s fabric I found on ebay awhile a go. Perfect, no?

Love Note Pillow

:: write your text on the pocket with washable marker or pencil. If you use washable marker, blot the ink with a sponge when you're finished to removed the any unwanted ink.

:: don't separate your embroidery thread, use it as is. If the thread is too fine it won't show up well on the denim.

:: Cut around the pocket, leaving a 1/4 - 1/2 inch border.

:: Place it on your fabric and pin heavily or fuse it with steam-a-seam. You don't want the pocket to be crooked on the pillow.

:: sew the pocket to the fabric with a straight stitch or zig-zag. Personally, I like the clean look of a straight stitch.

:: these pillows are 12X12. I found the forms at IKEA - they are called "Irma."

:: I didn't sew in a zipper or leave a slit in the back. Just left an opening large enough to stuff the form in and hand sewed the hole. I just can't be bothered with practicality when I'm excited to see the final result.

If you make one for your Valentine please let me know!


Lisa said...

Oh, those are sooooo adorable!! Not sure my sewing skills are quite ready for that yet but I may have to attempt it!

Leslie said...

these are sooo cute!!! great idea

Tara said...

Sweet! Now I'm in crafty-mode again. Love you!

christie said...

love '

Sewing-Chick said...

I don't know why you don't like the white eyelet fabric- that pillow is fabulous!

What to make from leftover adult jeans? Kids jeans!

likeschocolate said...

Adorable, now if I only had girls to make them for!

Jessica said...

That is a wonderful idea!!!

Unknown said...

I want one of these...they are so stinking cute. Your embroidery skills are good - the lettering looks awesome.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Way too cute! Reminds me I need to make some sort of tooth fairy pillow. Noah has his first loose tooth!

Sherri said...

I adore these!
Do you want to make a family set for me?
I am doing 14 days of love....and encouraging others to do it too!
Can I use a picture of your pillows and post it on my blog....linked to yours?

Sadie said...

These are so stinking cute!! Definitely the cutest pillows I have seen around. Love them

katy said...

Thanks for pillow love!

Lisa, you are totally ready for a pillow. I think those crayon/pad holders you made are harder than a pillow.

Sewing Chick - I do like eyelet, just wish it was thinner. I bought this eyelet to use on the bottom of some skirts for the girls (which I never made)

Dim Sum - a tooth fairy pillow is on my radar too. Eva doesn't have a loose one yet but I know it's only a matter of time.

Sherri - yes, it is fine. i'd be honored if you linked to me. thanks!

Potters said...

Love these! You have just about inspired me to learn to sew! I want to mak cute stuff, too!!

Trisha said...

Oh, my, these are pillows after my own heart! I love leaving notes for my children, and this is such a creative way to do it. Guess I'll have to learn to sew or find someone who will make these for me.:)

Road Trippers said...

You constantly amaze me.

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