Friday, March 19

Day Trippin'

Ah, at it again. Managed to squeeze another day trip in before spring break. This time a friend and I headed to Bouillon, Belgium. It is a picturesque, small town about an hour away from Lux City. Bouillon sits right near the French border in the Ardennes region of Belgium. It boasts an enormous castle, Ch√Ęteau de Bouillon, that holds daily raptor shows.

We arrived in town, got our bearings and headed to a charming boulangerie for a brioche and a coffee creme. After that we visited the castle and stayed for the raptor show! The star of the show was an enormous condor, although I preferred the owls. There was a barn owl and 2 eagle owls. All the birds wowed the crowd by flying frightfully low over the stands. After the show we had delicious warm goat cheese salads for lunch, stopped by the boulangerie to buy some bread, and then headed back to school to pick-up the kids.
An absolutely wonderful day.

Chateau de Bouillon
Belgian Kitty
Bouillon, Belgium
Raptor Show
Bouillon, Belgium
Bouillon,  Belgium
Rack of Loaves
Chateau de Bouillon

p.s. you can find me here today.


se7en said...

Oh that looks beautiful!!! I think we should swap places for the weekend!!!

likeschocolate said...

I love the photo of the cat stretching. The town looks lovely.

Emily Malate said...

wonderful photos Dutch! Beautiful! said...

Gorgeous photos! I have an international blog linking party and I've been searching for some international bloggers so I was so happy to see your name on crafty crow!
I'd just love it if you drop by the party now thru Tuesday! all the best and hope to see you there!

Monkey's Mama said...

great pix (as usual). I want to visit! I took a bunch of cat pictures in Italy. Mark was mystified as to why I kept doing it :)

Potters said...

Love the photos, looks like a wonderful day for you. Your pics have me missing how charming small European villages/towns can be. I miss that.

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