Thursday, March 18

Right Now: Mid March

March 16th
Watching ~ The Wire (AGAIN!!) Almost finished with Season 1 and loving it as much as I did the first time.

Smelling ~ Spices: Raz el hanout, cumin, paprika, and turmeric, thanks to a great cooking class.

Enjoying ~ Day trips and Tuesday walks.

March 16th
Reading ~ This, the most helpful parenting book I've ever picked up. Just started this and am also reading bits and pieces of this. Oh, finished this and really enjoyed it.

Making ~ shhhhh. Not ready for full disclosure, but here is a hint.

Wondering ~ how Emily's first week back to work is going.

Hoping ~ Audrey's stomach bug is of the 24 hour kind.

March 16th
Thinking ~ about my mom's upcoming visit.

Remembering ~ yellow roses. My grandmother's favorite.

Coveting ~ A good night's sleep.

How about you? Where are you Right Now?


se7en said...

I am loving your post right now!!! Have a fun weekend!

likeschocolate said...

Just about to put my boys down for bed. Lovely photos!

Potters said...

Right Now? In a messy kitchen, listening to the girl's playing with their dad upstairs, enjoying my peace for a couple minutes, coveting a girls weekend away from kids and wanting to know more about what your "making", Katy!!! Are you making Aloha? Or something bigger?
By the way, Cooking Light this month has a Coconut Cake recipe that looks pretty impressive. I always think of you and our bookclub dinner on the deck.

O'Quilts said...

These are great pictures. Also, my grandmother was my best friend. She died at 99 several years ago and I miss her all the time

ksjjpalmer said...

I just watched "Julia and Julie" on Tuesday night. Does that count?

katy said...

Thank you se7en and likeschocolate!

Karin - not something bigger :) my goodness, Karin!! something for my nephew! Yes, that coconut cake is burned into my memory too.

stephanie from texas said...

reading:Charlotte Mason Method & The Last Waltz
reading aloud: Smoky the Cowhorse
cooking:lemon roasted chicken and canning jalapenos
listening:the soundtrack of our dribbling, dishes washing, puppies barking, baby chicks and ducklings chirping
growning: carrots, asparagus, corn, tomatoes....
enjoying: your blog post and being at peace

suddenly sahm said...

HA! I was just thinking it was time for a right now.

Your right nows are very interesting though I'm afraid mine are quite dull.

I did take a picture today just for you though! I'll try to get it up on flickr in the next 24 hours.


Potters said...

Sorry Katy, Having a DUH moment when I read this post. I've had a lot of 'Duh' moments lately. Sleep deprivation is catch up with me.

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