Thursday, April 1

Back From the Cold and Windy North

Home from a girls trip to The Netherlands. Poor Bryce had to stay in Lux and work. Tulips were seen, although not nearly as many as last year. I'll fill you in on the highlights tomorrow.

Keukenhof 2010
Clogs at Keukenhof
Keukenhof 2010
keukenhof - 2010
The Hague


suddenly sahm said...

I hope I grow up to be as good of a photographer as you, Katy!

Monkey's Mama said...

I was thinking that spongebob tulip was an April Fool's!

Emily Malate said...

The Netherlands! Your photos captured many of the things Jeff and I wished we had gotten a chance to see when we were there. Guess we need to come back!

likeschocolate said...

What amazing trees, and how funny they named a tulip after spongebob!

katy said...

SAHM - Thanks lady! When I grow up I want my house to be as clean and organized as yours!!

Monkey - Isn't that funny?? There were orangey red tulips right next to the Spongebob ones that were called "Teletubbie." I love reading the tulip names just as much as seeing the flowers.

Emily - Yes, you must come back!!

likeschocolate - I thought those were soo funny - had to take a picture. Tulip names are as entertaining as nail polish names.

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