Thursday, April 22

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wishing you a wonderful day~
Our Magnolia Tree
xoxo Katy


christie said...

My toes are pink and my day is special.
thank you, Katy. mom

Sylvia said...


I came across your blog about a year ago and let me just say that your pictures are so beautiful!! Are you trained in photography? What type of camera are you shooting with? I'm in the market for a good camera and I wondered if you have any advise!


This Girl loves to Talk said...

I dont have a phone! I have had a couple of hand me downs from my husband, but if noone is gonna call me I would always forget about it, lugging around the phone in the bottom of my bag, not charged. The last one he gave me died a few weeks after (from overuse by him I say) and I haven't had one since. Everyone tells me I must, but really I am fine.

I read an article about having a mobile phone makes you a baby

and laughed about it.

Getting lost is good, and you found your way in another country in a language you dont speak!! wow be proud.

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