Monday, April 5

To keep them occupied

Travel Drawing
I've wanted to make these for the girls for quite some time. A friend let me examine hers so I could construct one myself. Here's the thing, I hate sewing on bindings so I figured out how to make one without a binding. Just sewed it right sides together, turned it right-side out and top stitched around it. Must admit, I'm quite pleased with myself. The girls are pleased too.

There are lots of tutorials online for crayon holders and similar items. Here are a few:
Felt Crayon Holder
Gratitude Wrap
Notebook and Pencil Holder
Crayon Roll

Travel Drawing
Travel Drawing
Travel Drawing


Potters said...

Love them. Jealous of your sewing ability. And really like the vintage fabric with the little girl, as well as the fairy fabric. Very fun. Almost inspired to look into sewing classes..

Unknown said...

This is super cute! Well done!

Out of curiosity where did you find the fabric of the little girl watering plants in the last photo? That is absolutely darling!

Lisa said...

Adorable and so much more professional looking than mine!! I had to go the felt route since that was the least complicated directions I could find!!

Monkey's Mama said...

great idea!

swissluxi said...

Wow, I love this project! I think I am going to try making a crayon holder too!...I am sure it won't be nearly as beautiful as yours, but I'll give my best :-)).

Road Trippers said...

tee hee...there's that fairy fabric from Paducah! I love this idea. It's actually the first non-quilt idea that appeals to me.

katy said...

Thanks guys! I really enjoyed this project and will def be making more.

Darling Chatterbox: I bought that fabric from this etsy shop. Soo cute, isn't it? It's a Japanese fabric.

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