Friday, August 20

Rainy Days are Over

Hama Projects
Thank goodness! But the weather upon our return to Lux was horrible. Fall-like. Rainy, gray, cold. I thought summer had officially gone. Ah, it was back today and we didn't waste a second of it.
Hama Beads
During those rainy, dark days when we were fuzzy and tired from jet-lag, the girls really got into these HAMA beads. Have your kids tried these? They are a great quiet activity. I bought Eva a pack a few years ago and she was really too young to get into them. She was re-acquainted to HAMA by her Auntie Lena on our trip to Seattle. We picked up a few packs here in Lux and the girls have really been enjoying them. Hama Projects
Wondering how we spent our first sunny day back in Lux? Check back tomorrow!


likeschocolate said...

My children love this. I like to pool them out in the winter.

christie said...

i witnessed Eva and Sierra loving this..
They saved creations so

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