Tuesday, October 12

Apple Picking

It was really that big
Last weekend we headed over to Steinsel for apple picking. We went later this year and were disappointed to find barely any apples left for picking. Most had already been picked and were for sale in large bins. But, we were pleased to see we arrived for the apple festival! At the orchard there was cider being pressed, beignets being fried, and general merry making was occurring. We managed to pick about 8 apples and spent the rest of the time enjoying a gorgeous autumn day in the orchard.
Apple Picking in Steinsel
Pretty but Sour
The 8 apples quickly became an apple pie that evening. I think this was only the second apple pie I've ever made. And can I tell you, it was delicious. Even the crust was good. I think it was because I didn't fret. I just put my head down and got on with it. Bryce found a pie recipe for me on line. It was a bit different in that it had brown sugar, nutmeg and ground ginger in it. I really liked the heavier spice. Do you have a favorite pie recipe? My mom makes the most amazing sour cream apple pie.
Making Cider
These men are making apple cider. One machine turns the apples into pulp. The other presses the pulp to get the juice. The men with the black bin are about to dump the pulp into the press.
Apple Beignets
These are the apple beignets. Such a treat! Thin apple rings dipped in batter and fried. Topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Yes, please.
Mystery Fruit
Any idea what these are? Some kind of pear? Their shape reminded me of a chayote squash.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie
This is all the pie that is left. Think Bryce and I will have to arm wrestle for the last piece.


se7en said...

Oh Totally yummy I have to make some apple fritters because of this!!! My kids will thank-you!!!

nicole said...

Quiden are Quitten in german and Quinces in english. I have three sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be turned into jelly. (They have a really high pectin content which is a gelling agent so they're perfect for making jelly.

We had an apple festival last weekend, too. Sadly I remembered that on Monday morning :-/

I make those apple pancake things myself sometimes the kids love them and so do I. I just use a thin pancake batter.

likeschocolate said...

Yes, I didn't realize that apple picking season is really in September. We almost had to buy apples out of the bins too. I love fresh apple cider. My mother-in-laws village has a festival in the fall too in Germany. It is pretty fun. Your apple pie looks amazing. Crust scares me. The one time I made crust it turned out a little too dry and not very flakey. I heard the perfect crust contains an egual portion of butter to shortening.

swissluxi said...

The name of the fruit you're looking for is "Quitte" (German) "Coing" (French), or "Quince" in English. Here's a link to a wikipedia article about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quince
Over here in Europe it is mostly used to make marmelade or chutneys, but if you go to the following link, you can find more than 200 recipes that use quince: http://www.chefkoch.de/rs/s0/quitte/Rezepte.html
Quince marmelade/jelly is usually available in supermarkets all year round.

katy said...

se7en - Homemade apple fritters? Sounds wonderful!

Nicole - Thank you! I had no idea. I've definitely heard of quinces, but never seen one.

Likeschocolate - I'm scared of crust too. This time I just went for it , not worrying about the perfect balance of anything. Just followed the recipe - 1 1/4 cup flour, 1/2 cup butter, salt and 1/4 cup ice water. Worked just fine.

SwissLuxi - Thank you for the link! I'm going to look for the marmalade at the grocery store.

ROROISM said...

damn! I have missed it (watching grapes in Wasserbillig!?)

Millie said...

I have a quince tree in my garden, which is yet to produce anything more than two fruit. Quince jelly is often eaten with cheese.
Our apples have been superb this year. We fried some yesterday as part of a dutch dish for lunch.

RosaMarĂ­a said...


Road Trippers said...

wow, and I got excited over apple cider donuts in New England. Apple beignets? yum! And boy howdy, how I love quince paste! Are you going to make some? Think tapas...

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