Sunday, October 24

Bites of Brownie - Halloween Style

Halloween Brownie Bites
I was instantly enchanted by these Brownie Bites made by, the amazing, Pioneer Woman. Enchanted, mind you, but not made hungry. You see my fantasy surrounding these Brownies had nothing to do with consumption (strangely enough!) When my mind drifted to these Brownies I was not eating them, I was making them. Or just being around them. Admiring their cuteness, their clever toppings. So when my girls had a bake sale at school I knew exactly what I was going to contribute.
Halloween Brownie Bite
I decided to decorate my Brownie Bites for Halloween. I was lucky enough to get the last bag of candy corn for sale at the AWCL. I used brownie mix (also from the AWCL) instead of making them from scratch like PW. I am only a mere mortal after all.
Halloween Brownie Bite
In all honestly this project was terribly frustrating. It had nothing to do with the recipe. I'm sure it was due to the fact that I was following an American recipe but using European ingredients. I couldn't get the chocolate coating right. My first dark chocolate batch started out okay but slowly turned thick, more like frosting. In desperation I melted down a chocolate bar to finish up.
Halloween Brownie Bite
I also attempted to make a white chocolate coating. Ha. That turned out like milk. Was the chocolate different? The cream? Was it the golden syrup I used instead of light corn syrup? Who knows. It was disappointing. But the chocolate half turned out looking alright. The half that was supposed to be coated with white chocolate ended up with a peachy, orangey glaze drizzled over it.
Halloween Brownie Bite
The thing is I'm still thinking about these darn things. Valentines day? Can you picture them with Conversation Hearts? Christmas? Think sugared cranberries on top. Crushed candy cane. Are you with me?

I'll make 'em again. Maybe I'll just wait til I hit U.S. soil again, though.

**Even taking photos of these little cuties was hard! Do you even have those days? Naturally I made them late at night when my kitchen is lit like a cave. I saved 4 to photograph during the day, but those photos didn't turn out much better. Boo hoo. Here are some cave photos if you're interested.


Dana said...

Nice job. PW is driving me crazy with all the things that I want to try.
The photos are fine -- even the "cave" ones on Flickr. I used to fret about it, but I've given up. I can't fight the light. Sometimes real life has a yellow glow, like the chicken cook off photos I posted! LOL.

suddenly sahm said...

love love love the banner!

swissluxi said...

Oh no, don't tell me you got the LAST bag of candy corn at AWCL...I was planning on buying some candy corn for me :-((... :-)
The brownies look delicious by the way!

Lisa said...

These look fantastic. I have 2 parties to go to on Saturday where I need to bring something, maybe it will be these. If I can find a few hours of time in the next 3 days of craziness! (goodbye hawaii, hello reality!)

Road Trippers said...

Yes, these are just as adorable to me as they are to you. Is the deal that they're just made in a mini cupcake pan?

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