Wednesday, November 17

Beaufort Castle

More Day 3: After the hike we spent some time in Beaufort Castle. We'd be there before, but were eager to share it with Lena and Sierra. The girls were very curious about the torture chamber. Lead to some interesting questions, requiring complex answers.
Beaufort Castle
Beaufort Castle
Beaufort Castle
Sheep in Beaufort
View from Beaufort Castle
This last picture was taken by Lena. We discovered that she takes most photos vertically while I'm a landscape person. The view from Beaufort Castle, seen here, was beautifully captured by Lena's vertical perspective.


likeschocolate said...

I have never seen a sheep before with brown wool. How cool!

Ian said...

The crusaders also built a Beaufort Castle in Lebanon, which is now in ruins. I guess it's a logical name for a beautiful castle.

katy said...

Yeah, Ba Ba Black sheep for real!! Doesn't it look like his head doesn't match his body? Weird little guy, that's for sure.

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