Thursday, November 18

Rock Walls

Petite Switzerland - Rock Walls
The End of Day 3: Lena had seen pictures of a hike into Petite Switzerland through some towering rock walls. This was a place she had to see for herself. After Beaufort we went to this amazing area. I stole a few more pictures from Lena for this post. The vertical ones are hers. She really captured the slots that we walked through. Take a peek:
Petite Switzerland - Rock Walls
Petite Switzerland - Rock Walls
Incredible, no? Once up through the rock slots you walk into an amazing forest. It was the brightest yellow I'd ever seen.
Up on Top
Up onTop
Up on Top
Up on Top
It was so beautiful. If I haven't convinced you by now, I'm sure Day 3 has convinced you to make a trip to Luxembourg. I mean really, have you ever seen anything so cool? It was really this beautiful.
Coming out
This is what we saw coming down through the rock walls - gorgeous yellows from trees across from the trail head.
Petite Switzerland
This enormous rock hangs over the road right in front of the trail head. After walking through the rock slots there are ladders and bridges up to the top of this massive rock.

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likeschocolate said...

You have me wanting to go to Luxemburg!

christie said...

Let's do the rock walls when I come...the yellow
should be green, green green by then. mom

Alex said...

Where was the second place - with the rock walls? I know the walk through the wood at Beaufort well but haven't discovered the walls yet???? They look so cool.

Emily Malate said...

wow, those slot canyons are absolutely gorgeous.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

YES! I want to go to to check if there are any direct flights from Sicily. That is an amazing little spot...I've never seen anything quite like it. You should submit this post to Imagine Childhood's nature walk series.

Road Trippers said...

I'm DYING to come back next Fall and go to those amazing rocks! But it's occurring to me that this is your last Lux autumn, right? boo hoo

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