Sunday, November 21

Kids in Paris (part deux)

Kids in Paris.
Kids in the Tuileries
Kids in the Trocadero.
Metro Station
Kids in the Metro.
Kid on a carousel in the Tuileries
Kids thinking.
Tour Bus
Kids on the tour bus.
In front of Notre Dame
Kids in front of a street performer in front of Notre Dame.
Love locks
Kid over the Seine.
In the Tuileries
Kids on a statue in the Tuileries.
Kids eating at the Palais de Chaillot.
Rodin Museum
Kids in a museum.

Kids in Paris.

For those of you who are preparing for Thanksgiving, here is a link to the Thanksgiving printables I shared last year.


km said...

I know it's not all idyllic, but this makes me want to pick up my family and move to Europe.

Marlo said...

Oh man, just reading these posts is making me itchy to get back to Europe. I have been to most of the places you visited, but I haven't taken my girls. One of them was even born in Paris, but hasn't been back to visit. Ah well. I love the pictures of Petite Switzerland. I'll have to go there on my next visit. Thanks for letting us "travel" with you!

likeschocolate said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily Malate said...

Paris, Seattle or Honolulu, they are still the cutest, sweestest girls I've ever seen!
ps Happy Birthday again - looking forward to this post!

Dana said... be a girl in paris! love it :)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Can't wait to take my kids to Paris! Have any tips on where to stay with kids? I'll have to e-mail you about that when we start planning. Your girls are going to love having these pics of themselves when they are older. I love seeing the slides (yes, slides) from the trip my family made to Paris when I was three.

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