Wednesday, December 22

Christmas Cookie Round-up

Gingerbread Stars
Gingerbread stars with pearl sugar
Finished them today. Chocolate thumbprints & gingerbread cookies; the only two Christmas cookie varieties that I'm loyal to. I got a recipe for Eggnog Cookies from a friend and decided to try it out. I do love eggnog (mostly just a splash in my coffee.) These cookies are delicious and will definitely be made again. I'm not adding them to my loyalty list. I'm just saying these are some pretty damn good cookies. I used treacle instead of molasses in the gingerbread. The cookies are much richer and darker with a much more intense flavor. I think they are quite delicious.
Gingerbread trees
Gingerbread trees
Egg Nog Cookies
Eggnog Cookies
Chocolate Thumbprints
Chocolate Thumbprints (Audrey calls them fingerprints!)
Here are the gingerbread men the girls made. I just love them! Audrey's are the ones LOADED with candy. Eva's are with the pink and white pearl candies. What are we going to do with these darling monstrosities? I managed to decorate one. Can you find it?
What are your favorite Christmas cookies?


Potters said...

I caught my crazy picky 19 month old eating a gingerbread cookie today, which some friends had given us. She got into them without me catching her. Instead of being mad, all I thought is - look she'll eat a gingerbread cookie! Add that to the list of items Makena will eat. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas cookies are probably "brunsli", they are from Switzerland. By the way, if you're interested in what kind of Christmas cookies the Germans like to bake, here's a link to a list with their 30 favorite Christmas cookies:,2/Chefkoch/30-tolle-Plaetzchenrezepte.html

Dana said...

You are just unstoppable this holiday season, aren't you? Whew. . .thanks for the pasta ornaments / gluing tip. You averted a possible tragedy at our Christmas Eve gathering of friends where I thought the kids could easily make the pasta snowflakes. . . I'm going for Rudolph candy canes instead (from a kit, nonetheless!) I do love your ideas for next year, though.

I baked all day long yesterday, even though I swore I wouldn't. We love ricotta cookies and sand crescents. Yum! We too are having an open house where we'll serve 2 soups: gumbo and pasta fagioli. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I did trim the guest list this year. Ahh well. . .

Merry Christmas,

Miss Candiquik said...

Haha...had to laugh about these cute gingerbread cookies :)

Must say that ginger spice are one of my fav cookies around this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you about my cookie failure today! I tried to make those cute Thumbprints and apparently I did something wrong because I ended up with with a flattened thing, with a sprinkling of chocolate chips that were supposed to melt, the edges lacy and brown. I couldn't help but laugh outloud at my bad cookie!
I'll share a photo if you like : )
What is the recipe or link, if you don't mind of the ones you make?

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